Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flats Challenge: Day 2 Experiments

The overnight diaper was a success-I had my doubts but there were no leaks and the poopie stayed in place. We’ll give that a “go” again tonight.

Experiment #1: Hand Washing-totally dreaded it!
According to the Rules, no machine washing! I originally planned to do all washing at night every two days and hang dry over night. Apparently I forgot how huge these flats are and we would have diapers hanging from every door, curtain rod and ceiling fan blade. I washed this morning. I tried to stay as close to my normal routine for washing diapers as possible so the process actually started last night. After two rinses, I loaded our bathroom sink with a lil baking soda, a single drop of Dawn, and hot water and let them soak overnight. This morning (with a little help form Little Man) they were transferred to the tub for an all out washing. Rinsed x2 and then back in the sink with cold water and a splash of vinegar. I let them sit like this until it was Little Man’s breakfast and Diego time. They then got rung out and hung on the line to dry outside.
I didn’t really enjoy this part of the Challenge-I’m scared I’ve not gotten them super clean and sanitized. Honestly, I was so tempted to cheat. Really, who would know? BUT I didn’t! I want the full experience here!

Experiment #2: T-shirt as a diaper
I was pretty excited about doing this one. I had it all planned out in my head during our morning errands (of which was an experiment in itself to see just how much a towel flat would hold-no leaks!). I first folded it all out in his bed and was very happy with how neat it looked. Not neat like ‘cool’ neat like clean, trim.
Once on him, I loved it and wanted a good picture of the rearview since I folded precisely to show off the t-shirt (gotta look good at nap too ;). After I got him out of his bed and grabbed the camera, I turned around to hear him say, “uh-oh” and my very neatly folded I HK shirt was down around his ankles.
Originally, I was concerned that the back would spread out a bit and be pretty loose. So I pulled the arms all the way out and folded them in again so they wouldn’t be too long. This then made it too wide in the rear so I had to roll a bit in once I got it on him.

the top picture is supposed to say SLEEVES not SLEVES
Experiment #3: Flannel Flat
Little Man honestly doesn’t go through many diapers a day, so I’ll be doing good to test a flannel blanket and one made out of a t-shirt. We’ll see how it goes!

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