Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flats Challenge: Day 1

Morning starts the Flats Challenge by Dirty Diaper Laundry. I’m ashamed to say I’ve been anticipating this day for quite a while. It’s honestly a bit sad that I have become obsessed with cloth diapering. The past couple of days Little Man has been in disposables due to a diaper rash and I have missed his fluffy booty.

The rules are detailed but here are the basic supplies we can have: 5 covers and flats (birdseye, kitchen towels, old t-shirts). NO machine washing or drying-only hand wash and line dry. This is our stash for the week:
2 GroVia AI2 shells (in Airplanes snaps & Mandarin aplix)
2 Flip AI2 shells (in Moonbeam & Ribbit)
9 Walmart Flour Sack Towels
An occasional old T-shirt and flannel receiving blanket thrown in for testing fun

We are trying out the pad fold for the majority of the day and an origami fold to contain messes for nap and night.

Here’s my Little Man telling me the colors of his goldfish. (By the way, I chose diaper covers based on colors that he knows: green, blue, and orange.) Think he’s as excited as I am for this challenge?!

I just found this site with tons of other folds-will investigate and maybe throw in one for nap.

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