Monday, May 23, 2011

Flats Challenge: Day 1 The non-Challenge

Today wasn’t too much of a challenge in the Flats Challenge. We mostly folded the flats pad style and used them like an insert into the covers. I was initially concerned with too much bulk, but this provided a trim enough look for me.  Right outta the shoot this morning during breakfast, Little Man dumps his bowl of cereal all in his lap while trying to slurp out the milk-the first attempt was successful but Diego distracted him too much for the second slurp and it all landed in his lap. My first thought was, “Well, there goes one of my allowed covers!” But it wasn’t as huge a loss as I had thought. I changed the cover and flat immediately and flat was dry and cover was only a little damp. I got after the cover with a wipe and allowed it to dry.

I tried doing a new fold for nap time (the boy fold) but had too hard of a time getting it folded to fit him so I used my flat like a prefold by folding it in thirds and fanning out the back to catch any poop (he usually poopies at nap). I added a pad folded Wal-Mart towel and then Snappied it all under the wool cover. He slept almost 4 hours and no leaks (or poopie) but was pretty wet and he obviously tried pulling it all off – it was basically hanging to his knees.

Overall, the day went well and I was happy with absorption and lack of leaks. I’m not happy with our bedtime “recipe” though-pretty bulky up front. The Challenge encourages us to use flats somehow at night and since we could use our normal night recipe I chose to combine flats with our usual. So he’s got a flat and Wal-Mart towel pad folded into a bamboo fitted under the wool cover. Again, I do not like the bulk for night-it has taken him forever to go to sleep tonight so I’m taking that as he’s not a fan either. I have a feeling that the poopie will happen before morning so that bulk is going to be replaced with our much loved bamboo pockets at some point tonight…I’ll probably add a pad folded flat though.

I’d like to make tomorrow a little more challenging. I may use the no cut/no sew t-shirt idea for absorption, but that may be too much for this 35 week pregnant mama…...we’ll see….

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