Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mess Makers

I got on a cleaning streak today. I'm not quite sure what causes these other than pregnancy, but I do wish they came more frequently but with much less "get it ALL done" attitude. On these days, I tend to overwhelm myself with all that needs to be done and want it all done before nap time. Other more common days, I underwhelm my slef and do nothing....I live a life of balance. :)

So while M ate breakfast and between my breakfast bites, I managed to straighten the living and dining areas. My trips to the kitchen for a quick bite often distracted my living room task and I'd start trying to do the dishes as well. I can get so side tracked while cleaning, especially if I'm cleaning out a closet or a box of old items I that recall the "good ole' days."

With the living and dining rooms done and M's breakfast all done too (can you see him signing "all done"?), I trapped us both in his room, opened the window, and drug all the toys from the closet.

M loved this! He loves for Mommy and/or Daddy to get in the floor and play-whether he plays with us or not, he loves the company. So needless to say with me crawling all over the floor and toys everywhere, he was in heaven. He also found a paci in the old box we pulled out. It was a teething paci, so no bulb to really suck on-just flat. He sure hung on to it but didn't ask about it again after I had very sly-like slid  it under my leg while we read a book.

Two hours later, during M's lunch, I finished up the room. I swapped out old toys for "new, old " toys and packed away several of the toys that he's just kind of tired of. With the weather warming up and longer nights ahead of us (daylight savings this weekend!), I packed up more than I normally do because we'll be outside more. I also made a box of things he's outgrown playwise for baby bro N. I also made a book nook. It's really a diaper changing area in disguise. He's gotten to be quite the squirmer while having his diaper changed so books, toys, and most loved balls are handy (we have over 17 balls by the way ;)

Over all, I think it was a great success. As I write this at midnight tonight, I notice a few balls have wandered off the tower in the bedroom and into the hall and living room.  Now how does that happen?!

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  1. I think I've already gotten rid of more than 17 balls! I think with boys...there's no such thing as too many!!!! Loving your blog!

    You know how to get to mine, right?